Health Voyage (previously GenHealth) has its origins in grassroots advocacy; inaugurated in the unwavering determination and energy of a group of women in Coffs Harbour who sought to research the needs of local women and to ensure the identified health and wellbeing priorities were addressed. From this, the Coffs Harbour Women’s Health Centre opened its doors in 1986 and we have never looked back. Health Voyage has since expanded to incorporate youth health and wellbeing and has become a prominent and respected focal point within the community as providers of quality, compassionate and accessible health care.

Board of Directors

As a for-purpose community organisation, Health Voyage is governed by a Board of Directors who provide strategic direction to the organisation and ensure Health Voyage is advancing it’s mission, has efficient and appropriate resource allocation, and complies with all relevant legislation and regulatory obligations. Our experienced, skilled and passionate Board of Directors come from diverse backgrounds including community sector, clinical, health management, business and Aboriginal Affairs. Through our Board of Directors, Health Voyage’s culture of collaboration, positivity, compassion, kindness, respect and diversity ensures a welcome space for our staff to work and for individuals to access health care.

Yvonne Kachel – Chairperson
  • Yvonne Kachel – Chairperson
  • Natalie Ryan – Deputy Chairperson
  • Carol Burfoot
  • Shar Goodwin
  • Diana Dalley
  • Glen James


Health Voyage CEO Tazmyn Jewell.

Vision, Mission, Values

Healthier People. Stronger Communities.

Our mission statements are to:

  • Ensure universal access to safe and affordable health care
  • Provide financially viable services
  • Achieve self-sustainability and self-governance
  • Attract loyal and qualified team members
  • Implement collaborative and holistic services
  • Ensure we have resources and flexible services that embrace innovation

Our core values guide all that we do: ethical; integrity; respect; diversity; compassion.


2022/23 Health Voyage Annual Report

2021/22 GenHealth Annual Report

2020/21 GenHealth Annual Report

Funder Acknowledgement

Health Voyage is grateful for the ongoing support of our primary funders:

  • Healthy North Coast
  • NSW Ministry of Health
  • Australian Government Department of Social Services
  • NSW Government Department of Communities & Justice

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