Our goal is to provide patients a personalised and achievable plan to assist with management of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain (EPP). Your plan may include various investigations, treatments, group workshops and/or access to a qualified multi-disciplinary team.

We aim to provide you with information and resources you can utilise throughout your life.

Our team are here to support you to ensure you no longer feel alone in your pain journey.

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Clinic

Our EPP team of health professionals are committed to helping you improve and manage your EPP by providing information, resources, education, listening and understanding. We will support you on your journey towards improved health and lifestyle. Pain does not just affect our physical health, we all experience pain in different ways and personal priorities and strategies may also differ.

We have chosen a multi-disciplinary approach to the care that we will provide to you. This may involve a Women’s Health (WH) GP, WH Nurse, WH Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Psychologist, Pain Physician, Gynaecologist etc. Each plan will be unique to the individual being cared for.

Patient Journey

Referral: A referral from your usual GP is preferred, detailing all past treatment and investigations relevant to your Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain. (EPP) You may self-refer however, you will be required to obtain your (EPP) health history and reports.

Nurse Screening & Triage: Our WH Nurse will review referral information and assess for suitability . If appropriate for the EPP Clinic, we will contact you to arrange your initial appointment and provide screening forms to be completed and brought along to your first visit.

Intake Appointment: Please see Reception on arrival, ensure you bring your completed forms with you. Initial appointment with the WH Nurse will be approx. 45 mins., no charge applies. The Nurse will review your screening tool results, key issues, goals and if required, book an appointment with one of our EPP GP’s.

GP Consultation & Plan: A 45 min introductory support consultation with GP to connect, listen, advise, investigate and plan. You may be referred onto Allied Health such as WH Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Psychologist. Your usual GP will be required to complete any Care/Health management plans.

Follow Up and Review: WH Nurse will remain in contact with you to ensure you are being supported and any referrals you have received are actioned. Follow up and review will be organised as indicated in your personal treatment plan.

Booking and Appointment info

Referral from your usual treating GP is preferred. However, if you self-refer, we will require the following information from your doctor:

  1. Past Medical history
  2. Gynaecology and obstetric history
  3. Medications you are currently taking of have taken previously for your pelvic pain Results of any investigations you have had for your EPP such as ultrasounds, blood tests etc.

For your appointment:

Download questionnaire forms (from the resources section) and please bring completed forms with you. If you were unable to complete or cannot download we ask that you arrive 15-20mins before your scheduled appointment time, to fill in all required paperwork. Or call into our centre to collect the information pack.

If you have any further questions please contact 66528111 to speak with our EPP Clinic Coordinator, Lisa Sing (WH Nurse) or email whc@healthvoyage.org.au.


EPP Patient Questionnaire (PDF)

The Patient Journey (PDF)

Websites we like:

  1. Pelvic Pain Foundation – https://www.pelvicpain.org.au/
  2. Jean Hailes – https://www.jeanhailes.org.au/
  3. Endometriosis Australia – https://endometriosisaustralia.org/

Pelvic Pain Foundation

Downloads: https://www.pelvicpain.org.au/learn/download/

  1. Introduction to Pelvic Pain 2019 – Prof Susan Evans
  2. Easy Stretches to Relax the Pelvis
  3. Managing Chronic Pelvic Pain in Girls and Women
  4. Other info:
  5. For women: https://www.pelvicpain.org.au/learn/for-women/
  6. For teens: https://www.pelvicpain.org.au/learn/for-teens/
  7. For parents: https://www.pelvicpain.org.au/tips-for-parents-of-teens-with-pain/
  8. Diet: https://www.pelvicpain.org.au/an-irritable-bowel/
  9. Bladder pain: https://www.pelvicpain.org.au/bladder-pain/
  10. Painful sex: https://www.jeanhailes.org.au/health-a-z/sex-sexual-health/painful-sex-dyspareunia

Jeans Hailes

Period pain – https://www.jeanhailes.org.au/health-a-z/periods/period-pain

Pain and sleep – https://www.jeanhailes.org.au/resources/sleep-and-persistent-pelvic-pain-fact-sheet

Endometriosis fact sheet – https://www.jeanhailes.org.au/health-a-z/endometriosis

Endometriosis Australia

Pain psychology: – calming the nervous system


Support groups:

PFF Pelvic pain for caregivers – https://subscribers.pelvicpain.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Information-for-Caregivers.pdf

Endometriosis Australia – Supporting someone with Endo: https://endometriosisaustralia.org/7-ways-to-support-someone-with-endometriosis/

Contact Details

Coffs Harbour Women’s Health Centre  02 6652 8111