The Sexual Health Education program operates from the Coffs Harbour Women’s Health Centre. The service offers sexual health education for women and girls of any age. Our Sexual Health Educator is a trained registered nurse with a wealth of knowledge in this area.


Sexual Health Clinic

Our Sexual Health Educator is available to see you one on one at our center in Little St Coffs Harbour. The appointments are scheduled for 1 hour and can cover a range of topics including:

  • Puberty – what is normal? Issues relating to puberty. The physical, sexual and emotional elements of puberty that you might have questions about or don’t feel comfortable discussing with parents or friends

  • Menstruation – menstrual care and any issues relating to menstruation including dysmen and menorrhagia

  • Contraception – options to suit individuals, risks involved in not using the most appropriate contraception for you, how reliable and effective is the contraception you are using or planning to use?

  • Safe Sex – Negotiation, Condom use, STI testing, infection (prevention and treatment options)

  • Sexuality – Libido, anorgasmia, polyamorous, gender, negotiation and communication


Sexual Health Education

Want our nurse to come to your group or school and discuss all things sexual health? Have you ever wanted to visit an adult shop but would prefer to go with a group of like minded, curious women? Our Sexual Health Educator can come and speak with your group or organisation. Keep a look out on our social media pages for the next Adult Shop Tour.

Group Services available:
  • Schools including primary and high schools (including the LoveBites program)
  • Social Groups: puberty education, safe circle groups in the home for pre teens. Max 4 – 8 girls, ages 9-14yrs.
  • Health Groups: including (but not limited to) breast cancer survivor groups, women’s groups, services for people with disabilities
  • Within the Women’s Health Centre – you name the sexual health topic for talks and workshops and we will host your group in our on site group room

Contact Details

If you are interested in any of the above clinic or group services for yourself, your daughter or your local women’s group, then please call the Women’s Health Centre reception 02 6652 8111 to book an appointment or to discuss our Nurse coming to your group.